Mark Parker, Owner and Managing Editor of Scarlet Galleon Publications, is a published author himself. He has a number of short stories to his credit, and is currently working on his first novel. Having spent much of his life on the south coast of Massachusetts--not too far from Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard--the ocean, and coastal life, have always caused him both wonder and great consternation, as he has always seen the ocean to be a thing of great beauty and untold terror.


Much of his creativity is stirred by his love of and fear for the sea. As publisher and editor, Mark will soon be launching a two-book collection of tales of aquatic terror, FEARFUL FATHOMS. His first ever publishing sale was a story set aboard a 16th century Spanish Galleon, including a half-mad captain and unseen, blood-thirsty specters of the night.


To date, Mark's published stories include: The Scarlet Galleon, Biology of Blood, Way of the Witch, Lucky You, Hell's Half Acre, Killing Christmas, Last-Minute Shopper, The Troll Diner, Banshee's Cry, and Born Bad, recently published by PS Publishing in the anthology for charity, DARK PLACES, EVIL FACES. 



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